Fu-Chiun Hsu
Job Title Assistant Professor
Name Fu-Chiun Hsu
Office Tel No. (02)33664833
Email fchsu@ntu.edu.tw
Research Expertise Plant stress physiology and molecular mechanism, Crop breeding, Crop genomics, Plant propagation
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Project Category Year Project Title Participartor Job Title Period Unit
Research Projects 2018 2018.08 ~ 2021.07
Research Projects 2018 2018.01 ~ 2020.12
Research Projects 2016 Establishment of High-throughput Molecular-Assisted Selection (MAS) Platform for Cabbage—Using Sweetness as an Example PI 2016.09 ~ 2018.07
Research Projects 2016 Development of early warning system and monitoringtechnologies on the safety of agriculture production environment co-PI 2016.06 ~ 2019.12
Country School Name Department Degree Duration
USA University of Iowa Biology Ph.D. 2005.09 ~ 2011.08
Taiwan National Taiwan University Horticultural Science B.S. 1999.09 ~ 2003.06
Honor Category Year Award Name Awarding Unit
Outside School Honor 2013 Outstanding postdoctoral research award (National Science Council) National Science Council