Shu-Yen Lin
Job Title Assistant Professor
Name Shu-Yen Lin
Office Tel No. (02)33664838
Email sylin@ntu.edu.tw
Research Expertise Pomology, Aroma in plants, Tea processing and quality, Indigenous and special crops
Teaching Field Tropical and subtropical fruits, Tea processing, Introduction to tea quality
Year Paper Title
2016 Lin, Shu-Yen, Li-Chiao Lo, Iou-Zen Chen and Po-An Chen., Effect of shaking process on correlations between catechins and volatiles in oolong Tea, Journal of Food and Drug Analysis, 24, pp500-507, (SCI)
2016 Chen, Po-An, Tzu-Bin Haung, Su-Feng Roan and Shu-Yen Lin, Magnesium is the major index to internal browning disorder after cold storage in Asian pears (Pyrus spp.), Journal of Taiwanese Society of Horticulture, 62, 2, pp119-126
2015 Seo, Ho-Jin, Po-An Chen, Shu-Yen Lin, Myung-Su Kim, Wol-Soo Kim, Tzu-Bin Haung, Su-Feng Roan, and Iou-Zen Chen, The potassium-to-magnesium ratio for predicting internal browning disorder during cold storage in Asian pears, Korean Journal of Horticultural Science and Technology, 33, pp535-541, (SCI)
2015 Chen, P.A., S.Y. Lin, C.F. Liu, Y.S. Su, H.Y. Cheng, J.H. Shiau, and I.Z. Chen, Correlation between nitrogen application to tea flushes and quality of green and black teas, Scientia Horticulturae, 181, pp102-107, (SCI)
2015 Liou, Bing-Jhih, Po-An Chen, Shu-Yen Lin, Su-Feng Roan, Ching-Lung Lee, and Iou-Zen Chen, Establishing breeding index of high performance of apricot flavor in Prunus phaeosticta, Journal of Taiwanese Society of Horticulture, 61, pp155-165
2014 Lin, Shu-Yen, Yu-Ying Liao, Su-Feng Roan, Iou-Zen Chen, and Po-An Chen, Growth of noni fruits (Morinda citrifolia L.) and accumulation of phenolic compounds during fruit development, Scientia Horticulturae, 178, pp168-174, (SCI)
2014 Wu, Hsiang-Lin, Shu-Yen Lin, Iou-Zen Chen, Jeng-Jung Shyr, and Su-Feng Roan, Estimation of genetic relationships among 39 cultivars of avocado (Persea americana Mill.) by analysing the volatile constituents of leaves, The Journal of Horticulural Science and Biotechnology, 89, 4, pp453-457, (SCI)
2013 Lin, Shu-Yen, Ying-Ling Chen, Ching-Lung Lee, Cheng-Yuan Cheng, Su-Feng Roan, and Iou-Zen Chen, Monitoring volatile compound profiles and chemical compositions during the process of manufacturing semi-fermented oolong tea, The Journal of Horticulural Science and Biotechnology , 88, 2, pp159-164, (SCI)
2012 Lin, S.Y., K.R. Chen, I.Z. Chen, C.T. Wu and S.F. Roan, Volatile organic compound profiles in cultivars and relations to ranking in contest of white-tip oolong tea, Taiwan Tea Research Bulletin, 31, pp85-98
2012 Lin, Shu-Yen, Iou-Zen Chen, Yi-Ting Lai , Heavy pruning effects on flower buds formation of Citrus microcarpa Swingle , Acta Horticulturae , 928, pp267-278
2011 Lin, S.Y., W.C. Chun, I.Z. Chen, and S.F. Roan, Popular citrus rootstocks and its taxonomical status in Taiwan, Scientific Agriculture, 59, pp64-72
2010 Lin, Shu-Yen, Su-Feng Roan, Ching-Lung Lee, and Iou-Zen Chen, Volatile organic components of fresh leaves as indicators of indigenous and cultivated citrus species in Taiwan, Bioscience, Biotechnology and Biochemistry, 74, pp806-811, (SCI)
2008 Lin, Shu-Yen and Iou-Zen Chen , Rapd profiling of four native citrus species in Taiwan , Acta Horticulturae , 773, pp29-35
2008 Hsu, C.W., K.H. Chen, T.L. Chang, S.Y. Lin and I.Z. Chen, Growth, development and the rutin content of common buckwheat and tartary buckwheat, Scientific Agriculture, 56(7-9), pp147-157
2006 Lin S.Y. and I.Z. Chen, Native citrus in Taiwan and current status of research and utilization, Seed & Nursery, 8, pp1-12
2006 Lin S.Y. and I.Z. Chen, Identification of the wild ctrus from Tong-Luo using morphological characteristics, Journal of the Taiwan Society for Horticultural Science, 52, pp15-26
2005 Chen Y.L. and S.Y. Lin, The Stability of the Solution of Catechins, Taiwan Tea Research Bulletin, 24, pp77-90
2003 Lin S.Y. and I.Z. Chen, Structure and health-promoting properties of citrus flavonoids, Journal of the Taiwan Society for Horticultural Science, 49, pp1-10
Year Paper Title
2019 邱亭瑋、林書妍、陳柏安, 溫度效應下荔枝開花基因表現, 臺灣園藝學會107年度年會, 台中
2019 譚國鋈、林書妍, 乾燥方式及果實成熟度對山胡椒果實香氣組成及抗氧化力之影響, 臺灣園藝學會107年度年會, 台中
2019 何禎元、薛銘童、林書妍, 木虌果花粉體外發芽培養基配方, 臺灣園藝學會107年度年會, 台中
2019 林書妍、余錦安、羅士凱, 臺灣山茶品系與加工對兒茶素與抗氧化力之影響, 臺灣園藝學會107年度年會, 台中
2019 黃弘斌、林書妍, 乾旱對長實金柑開花之影響, 臺灣園藝學會107年度年會, 台中
2018 Ting-Wei Chiu, Shu-Yen Lin, Po-An Chen, Effects of Ethrel on Flowering in ‘Hey-Yeh’ Litchi, 30th International Horticultural Congress, Istanbul, Turkey, 壁報論文, 2018-08-12-2018-08-16
2018 Chen-Hsi Wu, Shu-Yen Lin, Investigation the Flowering Behavior of Citrus depressa Hayata in Taiwan, 30th International Horticultural Congress, Istanbul, Tukey, 壁報論文, 2018-08-12-2018-08-16
2018 吳承羲、林書妍, 臺灣香檬開花行為觀察與BBCH建立, 臺灣園藝學會106年度年會, 宜蘭
2018 黃澤光、林書妍, 艾草種類與溫度對揮發性有機化合物及抗氧化力之影響, 臺灣園藝學會106年度年會, 宜蘭
2016 Lin, Shu-Yen, Tea in Taiwan – From production to research, I International Symposium on Beverage Crops, Cairns, Australia, 受邀演講
2016 Lin, Shu-Yen, Su-Feng Roan, Iou-Zen Chen, and Po-An Chen, Effects of fruiting yield of mother trees to the quality of pear scions in top-grafting system in Taiwan, Second Asian Horticultural Congress (AHC 2016), Chengdu, China
2016 Lin, Shu-Yen, Iou-Zen Chen, and Po-An Chen, Diversity of theasinensin A and its relationship with EGCG in different fermented tea, I International Symposium on Beverage Crop, Cairns, Australia
2015 王懷慶、林書妍、阮素芬、陳右人, 溫度對梨樹生長與休眠之影響, 臺灣園藝學會104年度年會, 臺中
2015 陳柏安、黃子彬、阮素芬、林書妍, 短果枝葉片和土壤鎂含量與‘臺中二號’果實梨蜜症之關係, 臺灣園藝學會104年度年會, 臺中
2014 林書妍, 兒茶素與揮發性有機化合物於製茶中之階段變化, 第三屆茶葉科技研討會, 桃園, 臺灣, 受邀演講
2012 林書妍、陳右人, 東方美人茶品種與比賽等次之科學品評, 第一屆茶業科技研討會, 臺北, 臺灣, 口頭報告
2012 林書妍、陳右人, 東方美人茶嗜好成份探討, 第七屆海峽兩岸茶業學會研討會, 江西, 中國, 口頭報告
2010 Shu-Yen Lin, Iou-Zen Chen, Kai-Hsien Chen, and Ying-Ling Chen, Dynamic Chemical Profiling in Semi-fermented Tea (Paochung Tea) Manufacturing Process, 28th International Horticultural Congress, Lisboa, Portugal, 壁報論文
2008 Shu-Yen Lin, Iou-Zen Chen, A-Shiarn Hwang, Using Leaf Volatile Constituents as the Indicator of the Relationships to Indigenous and Cultivated Citrus Species in Taiwan, The First Asian Horticultural Congress, Jeju, Korea, 口頭報告
2006 S.Y. Lin, I.Z. Chen, RAPD Profiling of Four Native Citrus Species in Taiwan, XXVII International Horticultural Congress - IHC2006: International Symposium on Citrus and Other Tropical and Subtropical Fruit Crops, Seoul, Korea, 壁報論文
Project Category Year Project Title Participartor Job Title Period Unit
Research Projects 2019 臺灣香檬分子標誌與香氣特徵指標之開發 計畫主持人 農委會/農試所嘉義分所
Research Projects 2018 花蓮地區山胡椒商品產製條件開發 計畫主持人 農委會/花蓮區農業改良場
Research Projects 2018 臺灣山茶品系與加工製程對香氣特色與抗氧化力之影響 計畫主持人 農委會/茶業改良場台東分場
Research Projects 2018 建立區塊鏈整合示範平臺-以有機茶園為例 共同主持人 農委會
Research Projects 2018 利用氣味監控建構智能製茶體系之研究 共同主持人 科技部
Year Lab Title Location
2017 Laboratory of Pomology and Special Crops R217